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1. St James Long Term Care Pharmacy is contracted with all the major insurance companies and more.  The first step in joining St James is insurance verification.  We do NOT want you to pay more than what you are already paying.  Our team will make sure you know your costs prior to completing your prescription transfer.    2. After verifying insurance, St James will detail your copay costs on paper so you know your balance due.  Copays are usually set by insurance companies depending on the brand and tier of the drug. Thus far, St James has been able to decrease costs for every facility serviced.      3. If there are certain formulations of a drug that are more effective for a patient or does not cause allergies as opposed to others, then St James will provide that particular drug if available on the market with a valid Dispense As Written prescription.    4. If there is a medical necessity or a specific prescription for a particular brand, then St James will process that prescription.  Any new or different costs will be made clear prior to completing that purchase.  On occasion, certain versions of drugs may not be available.    5. Every patient requires a different number of drugs per dosing time.  Each pouch can hold several drugs, but for safety, St James only puts 4 to 5 different drugs per pouch.  For example, if you take 9 different medications at 9am you will need to open 2 - 3 pouches at 9am.  These pouches will be clearly labeled so you know when to take them.  If you take 9 pills but they are all the same drug then you may only need to open one pouch.    6. St James wants to be a partner in providing better patient care.  Therefore, it will be a pleasure for St James to make requested changes to the pouch and its contents based on valid prescriptions and doctors orders.  St James recommends that if many changes are anticipated in a patients medications, that a 1 or 2 week filling schedule be requested.  New prescriptions or changes in prescriptions will be handled within 24 hours.    7. Medications that are not accepted on delivery and not touched by a recipient will not be charged to the patient or facility.    8. Similar to any other pharmacy especially retail pharmacy, any unused medication or remaining medication will be very unlikely to be refunded.  Rarely, insurance companies may accept such returns and offer a refund.  All narcotic medications must be disposed of in a proper fashion as per the DEA.    9.  St James is a family owned and operated company that is not run by faceless corporations or franchisors.  As a smaller company, we are dedicated to the hundreds of patients WE CARE FOR, unlike the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands those companies don't care for.  We are a long term care dedicated pharmacy not one that takes walk-ins or makes you stand in line. We focus on the special needs of patients who live in group facilities.    10. The ownership of St James is heavily involved in daily activities of the pharmacy and will likely visit your facility many times a year.    11. St James offers competitive salaries, but more importantly offers the best HR benefits in the industry.  The St James goal is to have highly experienced and trained, fully competent employees who demonstrate that they care about our customers and patients.  St James expects more from its employees than most companies do; in order to provide a higher quality product and service.  St James does not put patients at risk by taking shortcuts or letting employees do so.    12. St James is owned and operated by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who know the hardship and commitment it takes to take care of patients directly.  Despite any rumors or negative campaigns in the market, St James is a fully operational, highly structured, community supported pharmacy with the most advanced technology and customized service offerings.     13. St James offers standard and customized packing for your medications.  Bottles and Bubble Pack cards are the most common choice for many in Phoenix.  But St. James also offer convienient Compliance Strip Packaging!